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With twice weekly meetings split between Hong Kong's two courses Sha Tin and Happy Valley, there's always some competitive racing to look forward to in the Far East.

We'll have betting and live streaming available for racing at Hong Kong each week, so here's what is coming up:-


26th Sept: Sha Tin


1st Oct: Sha Tin

6th Oct: Happy Valley

10th Oct: Sha Tin

13th Oct: Happy Valley

17th Oct: Sha Tin

20th Oct: Happy Valley

24th Oct: Sha Tin

27th Oct: Sha Tin

31st Oct: Happy Valley


3rd Nov: Happy Valley

7th Nov: Sha Tin

10th Nov: Happy Valley

13th Nov: Sha Tin

17th Nov: Happy Valley

21st Nov: Sha TIn

24th Nov: Happy Valley

28th Nov: Sha Tin


1st Dec: Happy Valley

5th Dec: Sha Tin

8th Dec: Happy Valley

12th Dec: Sha Tin

15th Dec: Happy Valley

18th Dec: Sha Tin

22nd Dec: Happy Valley

27th Dec: Sha Tin


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