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This week we celebrate Midsummer and therefore the V75 takes place on Sunday instead of Saturday. The competitions are decided on a track in southern Sweden in Kalmar.

The rally on Kalmar is a very long 227 meters, which makes it a little easier for horses to come from behind. Otherwise, it's worth thinking about when betting on the trot in Sweden that during the summertime more horses will win from the front when the tracks are very fast.

You should try to stick to the good starting tracks, as it is considerably tougher to win from difficult starting positions. When you play the Exacta, a good tip is to play on the leader and the one you think is behind the leader. You can get good odds with those tactics sometimes.

Ahead of the weekend, I wanted to talk you through my five favourite drivers, so you know who to look out for.

My five favourite drivers

Björn Goop

He almost never makes any mistakes in and has a very good tactical mind. But best of all, he is brilliant when he pulls out his winning skull it almost always ends with victory.

Örjan Kilhström

He's at his best when it comes to the big races. He always thinks about the horse's welfare and rarely wins by a few large margins. Occasionally, it emerges from the pack from nowhere and surprises. He's a really confident driver.

Per Lennartsson

A very calm and confident guy who always does his job behind the horse safely. A bit underrated as a dummy which means that you can often get good odds on his horses.

Carl-Johan Jeppson

Jeppson broke through as a catch driver late in his career. He often rides with cheeky tactics and goes on the offensive. When they pay off, his followers usually get well paid on the Tote.

Mats Djuse

Djuse is the latest hotshot in the trot. He is only 22 years old but runs a scared horse with a safety that matches the best. He complements that with a youthful fearlessness and he'll soon be as good as those at the top of this list.

My best bet for the weekend

Last week's best bet won in Giant Shadow and in the big race Norrbottens Stora Pris where Antoni Trot won from the front. Milliondollarrhyme did not reach during a fast turnaround.

This week's best bet at Kalmar on Sunday is in the sixth race (starts 16:42 Swedish time) with number six, Oscar R.L. He's a real talent that should be better than his opponents in this race.

Driver Joakim Lövgren is safe and should not miss this chance.

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