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The Transfer Window to the Tote Ten to Follow opens at midday on Friday 14th August, and runs until 10pm on Tuesday 18th August.

It could mark the turning point of the season for many, with the opportunity to tweak stables in pursuit of the £64,452.50 first prize.

When the Transfer Window opens on Friday it will give Ten to Follow players the chance to make two changes to their stable.

Points already earned from horses in your stable will remain if they are transferred out, but you will not acquire pastpoints from the horse brought into the stable.

Why is it important?

There are still 10 bonus races left in the competition, so there are hundreds of points to be won, and it could only require the smallest of margins to land the big prizes at the end of the season.

Although stables are only able to make two changes to their line-up, they could make all of the difference.

The Tote Ten to Follow for the National Hunt Season saw Richard Hutchinson pick up  £177,961 first prize with his two stable additions picking up 108.6 points after the window, compared to the zero he would have achieved with his original line-up.

Of course opinions and hopes for the horses included in one’s original stable may not be the same after three months of the season - so now is the time to change that.

Who should I take out of my stable?

There are a number of reasons a player may wish to take a horse out of their stable.

Sadly there are some horses in the game that we will not see on the track for the remainder of the season. Therefore, it’s wise to check whether any of your horses fit into this bracket and remove them from your stable.

For all we might have hopes for horses to turn into Group 1 performers, or challenge for some of the Bonus Races early on in the season, not everything goes to plan. 

There may be horses who have not delivered what you had expected, or failed to build on past promise that warrant omission from your stable.

Finally, even if you do not wish to take any of your 10 horses out of your stable, using your transfer should still be top of mind. If you are happy with your stable, there is the possibility of transferring out one horse early in the window for another that is running that weekend. After your new horse has run, and potentially scored points, you can simply reverse the switch with your second transfer.

Who should I transfer into my stable?

Bonus races are key. In our jumps competition, the winning stable was home to the winner of seven of the Bonus Races throughout the competition (and one runner-up).

Of course, Group 1s and Group 2s are excellent to aim for, but there are twice as many points up for grabs in those designated races.

Four of the Bonus Races take place over 1m2f and 1m4f, so there is the possibility of horses running in more than one of them, and potentially even all of them.

Making a plan of where your shortlisted horses are likely to head and weigh up the points on offer against their potential to land them, and make a decision from there.

We will be adding a number of new horses to the competition, so keep your eyes peeled for the full list of new additions.

I’m so far behind, there’s no point…

There is no need to be despondent if you feel that your pursuit of the top prize over. 

As previously mentioned, there are hundreds of points available, and if you could find a winner, preferably a slightly left-field one, of multiple bonus races, stables could soon rocket up the leaderboard.

Even if the overall prize is realistically out of reach, there are still two £10,000 monthly prizes up for grabs for the August and September periods.

If your original stable allows it, players could target only the bonus races (or other big contests) in one of the next two months. Although it may spell an end to your pursuit for the top of the leaderboard overall, a bumper monthly prize can still be won.

Login to your Ten to Follow account to make your changes from Friday 14th August onwards.

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