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4-Leg Jackpot FAQ's


What is the 4-leg Jackpot?

The Irish Jackpot is a 4-leg jackpot style bet covering races 3-6 of Irish meetings. It works in the same way as the standard 6-leg Jackpot, only shorter. To win, you must select the winner of each of the four legs. There is no place element to the bet.

You can think of it as a shorter version of the standard Jackpot or a ‘win only’ version of the Quadpot.

Why is it called ‘Jackpot’ and how will I recognise it?

As part of our alliance with Tote Ireland we had to remove this 4-leg version of the Jackpot which was a staple product for our Irish customers. Because of this we’ve worked hard to reinstate it. Tote Ireland’s customers are already familiar with the name ‘Jackpot’ referring to exactly this bet. The 4-leg Jackpot will be clearly denoted with an Irish flag adjacent to the word Jackpot in the pool name. 

The standard UK 6-leg Jackpot will remain unchanged. 

Which meetings will carry a 4-leg Jackpot pool? 

All Irish meetings will carry a 4-leg Jackpot pool alongside the usual Placepot. The 4-leg Jackpot will replace the Quadpot on Irish cards. 

Do I have to be in Ireland to bet on the 4-leg Jackpot? 

No. The 4-leg Jackpot is available to customers in both the UK and Ireland through and 

How do I place a bet? 

Just like you would with a normal Jackpot bet, you are aiming to pick the winner in each leg. You must select at least one runner (or the unnamed favourite) from each of the four races but there is no limit on the number of selections and you may place as many permutations as you wish. 

What is the minimum stake? 

In line with the standard Jackpot the minimum unit stake via is 1p. Minimum total stake via is 50p. Permutation bets in units of 1p are accepted via Likewise for customers with 1c and 50c. 

Different minimum permitted stakes may apply elsewhere. Please check the individual point of sale for details. 

Is there a guarantee? 

Initially we won’t be offering a guarantee, but we intend to do so in future once further Tote alliance work has been completed and the pool is hosted on a single UK-Irish system. 

What about rollovers? 

Rollovers from 4-leg Jackpot pools will be assigned to a subsequent 4-leg Jackpot pool on the next available day where Irish racing is taking place, as decided by Tote and communicated through Tote channels. 

What is the takeout? 

The pool deduction rate (takeout) for the 4-leg Jackpot is 30% in line with the previous Jackpot pool offered by Tote Ireland. The net pool is therefore 70% of the gross pool. 

Is it available on the Tote Placepot app? 

The 4-leg Jackpot is not currently available through the Tote Placepot app although we are working to add it as soon as possible. It is of course available on mobile web via or 

Does it qualify for Tote+? 

The 4-leg Jackpot is not currently in the Tote+ product suite therefore standard settlement applies although we will intend to add this enhancement to the pool in the future. 

Is it on 

The 4-leg Jackpot results are not currently available through although we are working on adding this support as soon as possible. Results are available on desktop and mobile web via or 

Can I bet on the racecourse or through another bookmaker? 

Yes, 4-leg Jackpot bets are available to be placed on course and via our bookmaker partners although individual operators may vary. Check your bookmaker’s Tote product suite to see if they offer the bet. 

Will the product be available on UK cards? 

Initially the 4-leg Jackpot will only be available on Irish cards.  However, we may introduce the same Pick-4 style Jackpot on UK cards at a later date, so watch this space. 


See full Irish betting terms and rules for more details.


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