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The newest addition to the Tote, Swedish racing might not high up on the specialities of British racing fans.

As well as our handy guide to show you the basics of racing in the country, we're able to share with you some of trotting racing's leading lights.

If your selection has any of this quintet as a driver, you can be fairly happy you're in good hands.

Ulf Ohlsson

Age: 55

Home Track: Solvalla (Stockholm)

Statistics (2019): 314 wins, 14% strike-rate

Since 2016, Ulf Ohlsson is the winningmost Swedish driver, averaging almost a win a day over the year.

Ohlsson has won most of the major races in Scandinavia and as a catch driver he spends most of his time travelling to and competing on racetracks all around Sweden. He has been champion on 15 different racetracks, which is s Swedish Record.

Ulf Ohlsson

Björn Goop

Age: 44

Home Track: Färjestad (Karlstad)

Statistics (2019): 198 wins, 19% strike-rate

Son of former driver/trainer Olle Goop who had the record in career wins in Sweden until son Björn passed him in 2018. Björn Goop has won over 7,000 races and is widely seen as the best driver in Sweden.

Björn carried the “golden helmet” as the most winning driver for twelve consecutive years 2004-2015, before he took over his father's training camp and decided to limit his time as a driver.

Björn has won almost every international major race, including Elitloppet at Solvalla twice and Prix d´Amerique twice. Spends most of the winter racing in France where he is highly regarded as the best foreign driver.

Örjan Kihlström

Age: 58

Home Track: Solvalla (Stockholm)

Statistics (2019): 215 wins, 18% strike-rate

Örjan Kihlström is populary called “the man in the box” referring to his ability to hide in a race, but suddenly come from nowhere and win by a nose.

Kihlström has won over 6,000 races, including Elitloppet at Solvalla three times and Prix d'Amerique in 2014. Has been voted Sweden´s Driver Of The Year nine times, which is a record. He is also a member of Swedish trotting's Hall of Fame.


Rikard N Skoglund

Age: 31

Home Track: Solvalla (Stockholm)

Statistics (2019): 153 wins, 9% strike-rate

Rikard Skoglund is the rising star in Swedish trotting and the current leader of most wins in 2020. He makes no secret of his ambition to become the champion in 2020, dethroning his friend Ulf Ohlsson.

The 31-year-old established himself as one of Sweden´s best catchdrivers in 2019, when he also won his first classic races. An all-round solid driver, both with Nordic “cold blooded horses” and classical trotters.

Erik Adielsson

Age: 46

Home Track: Solvalla (Stockholm)

Statistics (2019): 135 wins (17% strike-rate)

Son of former trotting and thoroughbred trainer Hans Adielsson, Erik has won more than 5,000 races, including most of the classical races in Sweden. He has been voted driver of the year three times. As a catchdriver he drives mostly for trainers Stig H Johansson and Svante Båth.

Is highly regarded for his racing tactics, especially at the start of a race.

Erik Adielsson

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