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About Goodwood Racecourse

Located in the glorious surroundings of the South Downs, a visit to Glorious Goodwood at the end of July is often the highlight of the summer for many flat racing fans. The five-day meeting hosts three Group 1 contests, including the Goodwood Cup, part of the Stayers Triple Crown, won three times between 2017 and 2019 by John Gosden’s star Stradivarius.

A unique course with switchbacks, a pronounced downhill gradient, and plenty of trouble in running, it’s often horses with track experience that can show their best at the Sussex track.

A Picturesque Setting:

Goodwood's setting is nothing short of enchanting. Surrounded by the rolling hills of the South Downs, the racecourse provides a backdrop that seamlessly combines natural beauty with the excitement of thoroughbred racing. Attendees are treated to spectacular views of the Sussex landscape, creating an atmosphere that is both serene and charged with anticipation.

Glorious Goodwood Festival:

The highlight of Goodwood's racing calendar is the Glorious Goodwood Festival, an annual event that unfolds over five days in late July or early August. True to its name, the festival is a celebration of racing excellence, glamour, and social sophistication. Each day is part of the World Pool, with commingled betting pools available to Tote customers on all of the high-stakes races, including the prestigious Sussex Stakes and the Goodwood Cup.

The Sussex Stakes, a Group 1 race, attracts top milers from around the world, making it a thrilling spectacle for racing enthusiasts. The Goodwood Cup, a two-mile race, is a highlight of the staying division and a key event in the British Champions Series. Both races showcase the caliber of horses and jockeys that make Goodwood a focal point in the summer racing calendar.

The Goodwood Experience:

Beyond the racing, Goodwood offers an unparalleled experience for racegoers. The Richmond Enclosure, with its elegant Edwardian-style surroundings, provides a luxurious setting for those seeking exclusivity and sophistication. The Lennox Enclosure offers a more relaxed atmosphere, allowing attendees to enjoy the races amidst a vibrant and convivial ambiance.

The Parade Ring, nestled in the heart of the racecourse, allows spectators to witness the majestic thoroughbreds up close as they prepare for their races. This proximity to the equine athletes adds an intimate dimension to the Goodwood experience, fostering a deeper connection between the audience and the sport.

The Tricky Track:

Goodwood's undulating and challenging track adds an extra layer of complexity to the races. The course, known for its sharp turns and deceptive gradients, demands a combination of skill, strategy, and adaptability from both horses and jockeys. Competitors must navigate the unique features of the track, making victories at Goodwood a testament to the true mettle of a racing team.

Tradition and Elegance:

Goodwood Racecourse is also synonymous with tradition and elegance. The dress code reflects a commitment to maintaining the sophisticated atmosphere of the venue. Racegoers don their finest attire, creating a scene that is not just about the sport but also a celebration of style and grace.

Selhurstpark RoadWest SussexUnited Kingdom
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