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What is a Tote Jackpot?

  • Pick the first six winners at a single, pre-chosen Tote Jackpot meeting every day to win.
  • Tote Jackpot has a minimum £10,000 prize pool.
  • Minimum total stake is now just 50p at, but you can create perms to have more than one horse in chosen legs of the pool.
  • The more horses you chose for each leg, the more lines in your bet. This increases chance of winning but also increasing stake size.

How does a Tote Jackpot work?

Every day one meeting in the UK will be nominated as the designated Tote Jackpot meeting. To win your share of the pool, you will need to find the first six winners on the card.

How to pick Tote Jackpot horses

You can select as many runners in each of the races as you wish, but just remember, the more you add, the more your bet will cost.

To find out how much your bet would cost, simply multiply the number of selections in each race to give you your number of ‘lines’. Then multiply that by the stake you wish to place on each line.

So, if you wanted to stake £1 a line and had two selections in each of the six races, it would look like this:

£1 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 = £64 total bet

If you think one of the favourites in a Tote Jackpot race is vulnerable, it is always worth taking them on with another horse, as when popular horses are beaten, it ultimately means a larger dividend to any winners once the pool closes.

Try penny lines with your Tote Jackpot!

Picking six winners in a row is obviously a tricky business and, as highlighted above, pulling a bet together with multiple horses in each race can quickly become a costly business.

That's why we've reduced the minimum stake to just 1p per line and 50p in total. This means you're able to cover more outcomes without breaking the bank.

Selecting unnamed favourites

You can choose to have the favourite of any of the six Tote Jackpot races running for you, if you’d rather side with the market.

Select this option when making your selections and whichever horse goes off the SP favourite will be running for you. Should there be joint favourites at the time of the off, you will be represented by the horse with the lowest racecard number.

Non-Runners in Tote Jackpot bets

If any of the horses in your Tote Jackpot bet are subsequently non-runners, your stake will automatically be moved onto the unnamed favourite of the race at the off.

How to place a Tote Jackpot bet online

To place a Tote Jackpot bet online, find the nominated meeting and click on the Tote Jackpot link.

Then, work your way through each leg to choose the horse(s) you want to include in your bet, before adding your final list to your betslip.

Choose your stake per line and place your bet.

How to place a Tote Jackpot bet on course

To place a bet on course you’ll need to complete on our Tote Jackpot slips. You’ll need to know the racecard number of the horses you want to include.

Complete the slip by marking your chosen horses under the relevant races and writing your stake per line. Hand the slip to the member of the Tote staff and your bet will be placed.

Go here for full Jackpot rules, terms & info

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