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What is a Placepot7?

The Placepot7 is a new pool type which works in the same way as a standard Placepot but with two key differences:

  • It has 7 legs instead of 6
  • It can be formed from races across multiple different meetings rather than just one. This makes it a “cross-meeting” pool, like the Scoop6.

Apart from those unique points, the bet mechanic is identical to the Placepot you are familiar with. To win, you must select one or more horses to place in each of the 7 legs according to the place terms of each individual race.


Why seven legs?

A 7-leg cross-meeting Placepot allows us to apply our most popular and familiar bet type to the most high-profile races shown live on terrestrial TV.

It provides a unique and compelling Placepot challenge on the most interesting and accessible races as well as allowing greater flexibility in our product offering. Mirroring the same races used for the ITV7 game also means that strategy and selections can be re-used across both formats.


What will it be called on site?

The consistent pool-level name of any 7-leg Placepot pool will be Placepot7. This allows us the possibility to offer multiple different 7-leg Placepot pools in the future in the same way that we do with the standard 6-leg version.

The ITV7 Placepot is the flagship pool in this new cross-meeting format. At meeting level the name will be ITV7 Placepot to highlight the crossover. Therefore on Tote platforms you will see the meeting or “card” name of ITV7 Placepot, which indicates the pool is mirroring the ITV7, but the base pool name will always be Placepot7.


How often will it run?

It is intended to be offered as a hero bet in much the same way as the Scoop6 to tie in with the terrestrial TV schedule. Similarly to the Scoop6 though, it is not limited to Saturdays and is able to be offered whenever deemed suitable at the discretion of the Tote e.g. other high-profile meetings and festivals and whenever the ITV7 is run.


How do you place a bet?

Just like you would with a normal Placepot bet, with one extra leg. You are aiming to pick a placed horse in each leg according to the specific race place terms. You must select at least one runner (or the unnamed favourite) from each of the 7 races but there is no limit on selections, and you may place as many permutations as you wish. In fact, it’s easy to cover more perms with the ability to place 1p lines with the Tote.


Is there a guarantee?

In line with other Placepots it is not a pool that we wish to guarantee.


What about rollovers?

If a Placepot7 pool rolls over, either fully or partially, the rollover amount will be assigned to one subsequent Placepot7 pool on the next available day as decided by Tote and communicated through Tote channels.


What is the takeout?

The pool deduction rate (takeout) for the Placepot7 is 27% in line with the standard Placepot. The net pool is therefore 73% of the gross pool.


What are the minimum stakes?

In line with the standard Placepot the minimum unit stake via is 1p. Minimum total stake via is 50p. Permutation bets in units of 1p are accepted via Likewise for customers with 1c and 50c.


Will it be available on the Tote Placepot app?

Yes. Both Tote native apps across iOS and Android platforms support the Placepot7 as part of their multi leg product suite.


Does it qualify for Tote+?

Yes. Tote+ does apply to the Placepot7. Therefore any winning bets placed direct through our website or app will be settled with the usual 10% dividend enhancement. Tote+ displays will also be present on the in-running graph in the same way as other multi-legs.


Will it be available through other bookmakers?

Yes, Placepot7 bets are available to be placed via our bookmaker partners and on-course although individual operators may vary. Check your bookmaker’s Tote product suite to see if they offer the bet.


Will it be on

Yes. will support the Placepot7 so live and historical pool data is available for reference in the same way as standard multi-legs.


Will we run a Placepot and a Placepot7 on the big festival days? E.g. where all 7 races at Cheltenham are the ITV7 and therefore also the ITV7 Placepot.

Yes. We'll always mirror the ITV7 when it runs, and we'll always offer the standard Placepot on a UK meeting. The two pools are still unique.


Will we run the Placepot7 outside of the ITV7?

Yes, although the ITV7 Placepot will be the showpiece pool, we retain the flexibility to run the Placepot7 on any races we choose. If we were to operate a pool outside of the ITV7 races we'd simply reflect the fact it wasn't the mirror of the ITV7 by giving the card an alternative name.


Will the ITV7 Placepot races always be shown on ITV? 

Not necessarily. Sometimes there are differences between the seven races shown on ITV and the races chosen for the ITV7 competition. On such occasions the ITV7 Placepot will always mirror the races used for the ITV7 competition. 


Will we run promotions like Placepot Insurance on the Placepot7?

Yes, we would be delighted to offer Placepot Insurance and other targeted promotions on the Placepot7 when deemed suitable.


Will we do other cross-meeting placepots?

As above, the flagship of the cross-meeting Placepots is the ITV7 Placepot and as such is the pool we are introducing first. In future however, we would like to run other bespoke, cross-meeting placepot pools of varying legs. So watch this space as we listen to your feedback and expand our product offering at the Tote.


Click here for full Placepot7 terms and rules

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