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What is a Quadpot?

  • Whether you’re out of the Placepot in the first couple of legs or think that the opening two races of the day are a bit too tough to tackle, the Tote Quadpot is for you.
  • To win the Quadpot you just need to find a horse to place in races three to six at any meeting.
  • The Quadpot is available to play from 9am every day at all meetings in the UK and at selected major international meetings.
  • To be take part in the Tote Quadpot you need to place your bet before the third race of the meeting in question.

Winning the Tote Quadpot

To win a share of the Quadpot pool you have to find a horse to place in races three, four, five and six at any given meeting.

The number of places on offer in each race depend on the number of runners. For races of four horses or less, only the winner will do. Races with five to seven runners see the top two place. While the top three in the race place for contests with more than eight runners. The only time the first four home are counted as placing are in handicaps featuring 16 or more runners.

Choosing your horses

With the Quadpot, it’s always worth looking for a horse to upset the favourites. The more fancied horses that fail to make the places, the bigger the Quadpot dividend.

So if you think a horse near the top of the market might be vulnerable for one reason or another, it’s always worth trying to find something a bit more under the radar to take them on with.

Multiple lines in a Quadpot

You can select more than one horse in each race, and it often makes senses to do this in particularly tricky contests or races with a large field.

Just remember that the more runners you have, the bigger your total stake.

To work out your total stake, simply multiply the number of selections in each leg. 

For example:

Leg 1: 2 selections

Leg 2: 1 selections

Leg 3: 3 selection

Leg 4: 2 selections

2 x 1 x 3 x 2 = 12 lines.

Just like the Placepot, the minimum stake per line is just 1p, but the total stake must be at least 50p.

Backing the un-named favourite

You are also able to select the un-named favourite in any race as your selection. This means that you'll be on the SP favourite at the time the race goes off.

If the market for this particular race is volatile and subject to a horse with a great chance being supported late on, this could be a particularly useful strategy.

If there are joint or co-favourites, the un-named favourite will apply to the horse with lowest race card number out of those horses.

Placing a Quadpot online

Head to the Multibets page, click Tote Quadpot and choose which meeting you would like to bet on.

You'll then be taken to the race card for the first race of that meeting’s Quadpot. Add your selections to that leg and continue until you have at least one horse in each leg.

When you’ve finalised your selections, add your chosen stake to the bet slip and click place bet.

Just remember that your stake will be multiplied by the number of lines in your Quadpot.

Placing a Quadpot on course

To place a Quadpot on course, you'll need one of our Quadpot bet slips and make sure you've got a race card to hand - you'll need to know the numbers of the horses you're picking.

When you've made your selections, write the number of the horse you've picked for each leg in the levant box. If you have more than one selection in a leg, add the number in the next box along.

Go here for full Tote Quadpot rules, terms & info

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