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What is the Tote Ten to Follow?

  • The Ten to Follow is a competition that runs throughout Flat season, with a guaranteed minimum of £100,000 in prizes to play for. 
  • Players must select a stable of 10 horses and accumulate points throughout the season when they win or place in any race during the game period.
  • Tote Ten to Follow is a game of strategy, luck and ultimately, fun. Map out where you think your horses will run and how they will pick up points to inform your ideal stable.
  • Each stable costs £5, and you are able to enter as many stables as you wish to increase your chance of winning. 
  • There is also a £5,000 prize pool for a free Ten to Follow game.
  • Points are decided in three different ways. Firstly, the quality of the race that your selection wins, whether the race is a Bonus race and finally their Tote returns from a £1 each way bet.

What’s new for the Tote Ten to Follow flat competition?

Having brought back the Tote Ten to Follow for the National Hunt season, we’re delighted to have made some improvements to make this new variation even better. These include;

  • Easier to use - We’ve listened to our customers, making lots of changes and fixing plenty of bugs. Ultimately, it’s much easier for our customers to play.
  • Edit your stable - Now players can edit their stable as many times as they like until closing on 16th June 2020 at 11am. Not only that, but any dead-heats will be decided on the stable that was entered earliest.
  • More Bonus Races - We’ve selected 24 different races for you to form your stable around. There could be 50+ points up for grabs for simply winning a Bonus Race, so making sure your runners are aimed towards them could be key.
  • Request a horse - There are already over 300 horses available to select in your stable, but if you think we’re missing any, just get in touch before June 16th and we’ll do our best to add them to the game.
  • Pro Mode - Have a handful of handicappers or sprinters in your shortlist but can’t separate them? Our Pro Mode will allow you to create box perms of multiple stables to facilitate the combination of horses in your shortlist

Plus there’s still:

  • Private leagues: Play against your friends and family with private leagues
  • A free stable: Each player is entitled to one free stable with a grand prize of £5,000 up for grabs and four monthly prizes of £1,000

How much can I win with Tote Ten to Follow?

There is a minimum prize pool of £100,000 for the Tote Ten to Follow competition, with 70% of the pool, minus the monthly prizes, going to the winner and the remainder paid out down to the stable in 100th position. The winner of the Jumps game was paid £177,000, so the more people who play, the bigger the prizes.

There are £10,000 worth of monthly prizes for the main game and also a free to play game, with £1,000 in monthly prizes and a £5,000 prize for the overall winner.

The winner of the competition is decided by the stable with the horses that have accrued the most points throughout the game period.

You can find the complete rules to the game on the Ten to Follow website.

How do I pick my Ten to Follow?

Head to the Tote Ten to Follow site to register or sign in and to begin picking your stables. The first thing you’ll want to do is begin shortlisting your favourite horses.

How can I make a shortlist?

When you’re on the site, simply click on the ‘Horses’ tab and search for the stars you’d like to add to your list. Once you're happy with your list you can begin building your stables.

How do I build my stable?

For players looking to enter just one or two stables, it’s best to use ‘Simple Mode’ under the ‘Build Stable’ tab. For those looking to enter multiple stables, use ‘Pro Mode’

How do I use Simple Mode?

The first thing to do is name your stable and choose your silks. Then, simply add horses from your shortlist to your stable until it’s filled. If you’ve missed a horse off your shortlist, click on the ‘all horses’ tab to search for them. If you’re building more than one stable and have a few bankers in mind, try clicking the heart icon. This will ‘favourite’ the horse and automatically add it to any new stables you create.

How do I use Pro Mode?

Pro Mode helps you easily and effectively create a number of entries using ‘box perms’. Box perms are an effective way of perming your horses whilst ensuring all your stables have the right balance to secure maximum points.

For example, you’ve weighed up the Bonus Races and think you’ll definitely need two Derby horses in your stable this year, but you’ve got four on your shortlist.

The first thing to do is to name your stable and pick your silks. Then, name your first box Derby Horses. Then select “2” as the number of positions in your stables that you want these horses to occupy. Add your four horses to the box and save.

This will create six permutations of any two of those Derby horses for your stables.

Keep creating boxes as you choose until all ten slots of your stable are occupied.

How do you score points?

Every time your horse wins or places, you pick up points.

As well as gaining points for winning any race, there are 24 selected “Bonus Races” throughout the competition. 

Winners of these races will pick up an additional 25 points, while 12 points are given to the runner-up. Finding horses that will compete in one, or more, of these bonus races is always a good strategy.

You will also pick up points based on a £1 stake on the win and place Tote dividend should one of your horses win. 

Ten to Follow points are totted up every week and whoever is on top of the leaderboard at the end of the season wins the lion’s share of the prize pool.

What are Private Leagues?

Play against your friends and family with private leagues. Simply click ‘Leagues’, generate a code and share with those you’d like to play. Alternatively, if someone has given you a code, just click ‘Join’ and enter it.

Can I edit my stable?

Yes, this year you can edit your stables as many times as you like until the game closes on 16th June at 11am.

Will there be a transfer window?

We’re planning a transfer window in August between Glorious Goodwood and York’s Ebor meeting. Each player will be allowed to substitute two horses. You won’t get any points horses have accrued before you substitute them in, and you will keep any points you’ve won from horses you substitute out.

Why should I play Tote Ten to Follow?

We may have had to wait for the flat season to get underway, but with the action now fully on upon us, we’re set for a deluge of exciting contests in June, July and beyond.

To get into the mood for the big meetings throughout the summer, what better way than to become an owner for the season?

With Tote Ten To Follow you can own a stable of ten top-class racehorses for as little as £5 - and we’re not even asking you to pay training fees or muck out every morning!

Pick your 10 equine representatives (or more if you want multiple stables) and follow them throughout the coming months in the quest for glory. When they win, so do you, so willing your charges to success is all part of the fun. Come October, your trusty steeds could be the reason you’re still in the hunt for some big prizes.

Test your ownership skills against thousands of other racing fans, or set up a mini-league to find out which member of your family of friend circle would be best suited to a top job at Coolmore or Godolphin!

We’re looking forward to four months of excitement, and we’d love you to be a part of it.

When does the Ten to Follow run?

The current Tote Ten to Follow competition opened on Friday 29th May 2020, with a deadline of 11am on Tuesday 16th June to enter your stables. Points scoring starts that very afternoon, with the first day of the Royal Ascot meeting. Stables can then pick up points all the way through to Champions Day at Ascot on Saturday 17th October 2020.

Make sure you follow the Tote Racing Twitter account for details of the next Ten to Follow competitions.

Can you help me pick my stable?

Of course, we’ve put together a plethora of helpful guides to ensure you’ve got all bases covered when picking your 10 horses.

Take a look at the Tote Knowledge Pool for thoughts on the sprinters you should consider, whether or not Battaash is a TTF banker, some dark horses to think about, and much more.

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