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What is Virtual racing and How does it work?

In Virtual horse racing you can enjoy the thrill and fun of the sport without having to worry about the fuss of reading the form book. Pick out your colour or number of choice from the set field of Virtual runners and place your bet. 

Each Virtual runner will have odds assigned to their chance, which represents a percentage segment for each horse on the random number generator wheel. If you choose the favourite, your percentage chance of winning will be higher, but your odds will be lower.

Feeling brave? Bet on a Virtual outsider to land a big priced winner, or play it safe with a stronger fancy in the pre-race prices on the Tote. 

How can I bet on Virtuals with Tote? 

Our new dedicated Virtual Sports arena provides a fantastic platform for betting on Virtual horse racing on a daily basis. Simply visit the Virtual Sports page to assess your opportunities and get involved. 

The great thing about Virtual racing is its simplicity. You don’t have to worry about the form, the stats, the track or the weather conditions, all of which can affect the outcome of a real race. With virtual sport, all of those variables are cut out and we have a simple, randomly generated result for each event. 

Virtual races can take place as often as every 2 minutes to ensure the action is thick and fast and because the field of runners is pre-set, you’ll not have to worry about non-runners or varying odds either. 

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Where can I watch Virtual Sports on the Tote? 

We have a dedicated Virtual Sports section on our mobile friendly website. Once there and logged into your Tote account, your journey through virtuals will be simple, seamless and enjoyable. 

Make a note of the event you’d like to get involved in, make your colour and number selections, place your bets and enjoy the action! 

Virtual racing tips on the Tote

Fortunately for you, there is actually no need for tips on Virtual sports as all of the considered variables which usually affect the outcome of a real race aren’t there to be worried about. It is a simple mechanism of choice and chance where you assess your own risk level for each event.

Bet on Virtual Sports with Tote

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