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World Pool Treble



What is the Treble?

The World Pool Treble pool is essentially a 3 Leg Jackpot with the addition of a consolation dividend.

To qualify for the Win dividend the customer needs to select the winner of 3 predetermined legs.

To qualify for the consolation dividend the customer needs to select the winner of the first 2 legs and 2nd place in the 3rd leg.

Unlike the Scoop6, if a customer wins the Win dividend, they do not automatically pick up the Consolation dividend. Only bets on the winning line 1st/1st/2nd win pick up the consolation dividend.


Will the UK Tote be commingling into the Treble Pool?

Yes. This is the first World Pool multi-leg bet available to UK Tote customers. This means that, as with standard World Pool bets, we commingle with other pools from around the world, most notably the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

Due to this, and until further notice, the Treble pool will only run on World Pool meetings.


Which races will the Treble run on?

 Initially the Treble will only be run on World Pool cards and will always be on the last 3 races of the card. Any changes to this order will be communicated through Tote channels.


What will the pool be called?

The pool is called Treble in all customer-facing areas and applications


How do I place a bet?

Just like you would with a normal Jackpot style bet, you are aiming to pick the winner in each of the three legs. You must select at least one runner from each of the three races but there is no limit on selections and you may place as many permutations as you wish.


What are the minimum stakes?

The minimum total stake for the Treble pool per wager is £/€2.00. Minimum unit and increments of 1p/c.


Can I back the unnamed favourite?

 Unlike our standard locally hosted multi-legs, to allow the pool to conform to World Pool rules you cannot select the unnamed favourite at placement.

If your selected horse is a non-runner after placement it will be replaced with the Tote favourite (not the SP favourite) in line with World Pool Treble rules.


What is the takeout?

The pool deduction rate (takeout) for the Treble pool is 25%. The net pool is therefore 75% of the gross pool. The net pool total is then split into the Win fund (85%) and Consolation fund (15%).


Where are the pools available?

The above pools will be available directly via all usual direct Tote channels -,, native apps.


Is it available on the Tote Placepot app?

The Tote Placepot app on both iOS and Android will support the Treble pool.


Will the Treble pools be on

No, you won’t see the Treble pool supported on TPLI initially. We do intend to include the pool in the future.


Will Tote+ be available on the Treble pool?

No. As this is the first World Pool multi-leg, standard settlement only will apply to the Treble. This may be reviewed in future.




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